Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Asparagus & Bresse Bleu Grilled Sourdough Rye Sandwich

Since asparagus season started, I been known to create a recipe just before falling asleep in case the next day gives us some spears from our patch. Basic grilled cheese is a staple chez nous so before entering dreamland one night, I conjured up an image of tender asparagus and creamy Bresse Bleu encased in buttery, grilled sourdough rye. Served piping hot from the skillet, it is a vrai régal for when I sit down to lunch after a morning potager session.

Bresse Bleu was created in the 1950s as a competitive response to Gorgonzola because that venerable Italian cheese which has been made since the 11th century was becoming popular in France.  Though similar to Brie, not only does Bresse Bleu have delectable blue veins but contains less fat because it is made from skim milk.

This gorgeous, creamy mound contains 15% fat versus 22% of regular Brie

In general follow instructions for my basic grilled cheese which are here. Instead of using grated cheese, place slivers of Bresse Bleu on a slice of bread then top with spears. For thick asparagus, halve them vertically. Cook the spears first by covering them with a small amount of water in a skillet.


There are about two more weeks left for harvesting as our young bed needs limited picking so it can sustain a full harvest next season which will be eight weeks.

Brave, emerging spears

By then there will be rhubarb to harvest!

The double daffodils have taken over from the earlier blooming trumpets.

Species tulips are just beginning to flower.

Since Dirac the kitten loves to hoover our not-always-pristine kitchen floor for scraps, he often licks his nose to extend his culinary pleasure.

À la prochaine!


Bresse Bleu is one of the many cheeses mentioned in Monty Python's famous cheese shop sketch
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