Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Early Spring in the Charente!

It's starting. Spring, that is. At least in the southwest of France. The daffodils say so...

As do the sweet violets and their unmistakable fragrance...

Getting close to these beauties is like inhaling spring.

...and the English daisies, including a brave one blooming in a crack halfway down the main paved path...

... not to mention the periwinkle.

With the nursery order newly arrived, my schedule just got very busy!

A few packets. Just a few. Some garlic heads and onion sets too!

The early and late season potato varieties are beginning to chit.

Some of the forty-eight seed potatoes

Dirac the kitten is approaching the age of ten months, and his beauty knows no bounds. Within a month or so, following his vaccinations and being electronically chipped, he will get to know the garden for the first time. We can't wait!

À la prochaine!

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