Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Embrace the Blues!

Blueberries enchant.  It's those comely, slightly flattened spheres with tiny fringed crowns and that characteristic but always pretty bloom which pulls me to them.

This fall I will plant some that will fruit in July/August to extend the harvest

Oh how I wanted to make blueberry muffins, you know, the type that is really rich, moist, dense cake studded with juicy bursts of blue but are baked in muffin tins. The Calm One adores them while I have been known never to refuse one. It's just too hot to turn on the oven. So I went for the basics: whole grain cereal and blueberries doused with milk and maple syrup...

...and blueberry yogurt shakes.

Blend berries, yogurt & sugar in a mixer, top with yogurt and blueberries

Though the first raspberry harvest carried on last season's canes is almost done, the fresh growth from this spring is now several feet high and beginning to flower for anticipated picking this fall.

Raspberries, yogurt & ubiquitous maple syrup

In the potager, the tomatoes, onions, and winter squash are all developing nicely.

Eleven of our twenty-two tomato plants are in the upper left corner

Two of the four tomato varieties are starting to yellow which is a sign that ripening is in process.

Altaisky, a late-season pink variety and still green

Onions are filling out beautifully and should be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks.

Winter squash is delicious plus it stores really well in our cellier. Having previously tried my hand at growing butternut and potimarron, I chose a golden variety of acorn squash for this season.

All immature veggies are adorable, but golden acorn squash is supremely so

Queen Elizabeth shrub roses will continue to put out blooms until autumn.

The great love of bees, abelia, is in the background

The English lavender may be winding down, but the French lavender is just starting.

Rock (I will someday plant something drought resistant in it), hydrangea & lavender in front garden

À la prochaine!


Planting blueberries in pots

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