Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Late Summer Pizza...and tootling about

A brief respite from torrid temperatures spurred us to make pizza after a long period of deprivation. How long? Unbearably long.

Wonderful 'Liguria' tomatoes from our potager

Homemade pizza, we missed you! (Recipe link is at the bottom of this post.)

Toulouse sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella, Parmesan & tomatoes on slow-rise dough crust

Since we now have a Renault Zoe, a rearing-to-go electric car, we are planning to do an outing each week. We went exploring west of our city, Angouleme. Our first stop was a pathway along the Charente River near St. Michel.

Bamboos are very appreciated in France

Walking through a green tunnel made of foliage is one of the most calming experiences in the universe.

The winding Charente River is noted for its enchanting beauty.

Near the very pretty village of Trois-Palis were fields of sunflowers. Their drooping heads, laden with black seeds, mean their harvesting will be fairly soon.  Unless the birds get to them first.

Sunflower oil is one of our favourites

Right off the field was a farm...

...composed of stone buildings.

Solid & practical for sure, but also not without graceful lines

Dirac the Young Cat has done a cursory inspection of the Zoe's interior. Cursory because when he started to claw the driver seat's back, The Calm One showed him the door. In the house, he is interested in boxes but only if they are small.

We have lost count of the number of scratches Dirac proudly carries on his handsome nose.

À la prochaine!


How to make pizza (some of the photos got corrupted on this old post, but the instructions remain correct!)

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