Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sprouting and Budding Garden

Like many, I have spring allergies which makes it tempting to give sway to the irritating symptoms and stay indoors. But, a sprint through the garden is as good a remedy as a dose of antihistamines. The overwintered leeks are enjoying the longer days by growing taller.

The rhubarb has leafed out and is now lengthening their red, succulent stalks.

Strawberries are putting out a flower here and there.

The shade-loving, herbaceous Lamium is popping up with its fuzzy, variegated leaves. 

The cherry-red Apeldoorn, Darwin Hybrid tulips are close to budding. They are one of the few non-species tulips that naturalise.

Sweet violets galore! Why? Blame it on their explosive seed dispersal.

The trumpet daffodils survived a recent hail storm fairly well.

Désirée seed potatoes, all seventy-five of them, are peacefully chitting on a sous-sol window sill.

Delicious and comforting Italian Pasta and Beans is a meal easy to make when you are not feeling up to par.
Topped with a poached egg

Dirac the Cat is working hard catching computer mice.

À la prochaine!

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