Thursday, April 13, 2017

Let Us Eat Chocolate

Rhubarb pie was to be the topic of this week's post. As you can see there's no rhubarb pie in sight. The buyer of butter chez nous, The Calm One, couldn't find any that was reasonably priced. He had to hunt around to get some at his preferred price. But it was salted. We prefer sweet especially for pastry. He then put on a science exhibit at the château de l'Oisellerie while I planted three bed of potatoes. Eventually he went back to hunting butter and got the sweet kind but by that time I was harvesting and cooking the daily asparagus bounty; sowing carrots, beets, and parsnips; not to mention trimming various hedges like brambles and lavender which are putting out exuberant growth. The good news is that a ton of rhubarb has been harvested and is waiting in the fridge to be made into pie. However it soon will be Eostre. You know the time we all get to eat chocolate without guilt? So I will hoist my three-ingredient, microwave molten mudcake in a mug to you and yours. Happy Eostre!

Ingredients are cocoa powder, eggs, and icing sugar. It  can be happily flooded with cream.

And come back next week for rhubarb pie.

À la prochaine!

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