Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Resistant Starch: Pasta Alfredo with Peas & Shrimp

Desserts or homey, slowly simmered meals are not the only edibles that can comfort.

Pasta drenched in Alfredo sauce rich in cream, butter, and . . . 

. . . cheese will pamper the self just as much.

Not only does cooking the pasta and peas and storing them overnight in the fridge the night before saves time the following day, such a process allows the starch to become resistant when the pasta is reheated. For two servings, ingredients and their amounts are in boldThrow in two large handful of frozen peas (if fresh, add during the last few minutes of cooking) with enough pasta for two servings into boiling water and cook till just al dente. Drain, put into a container, and stir in a little oil to keep the pasta from sticking together. Cover and put in fridge.

The next day, in a suitably sized skillet, pour in 6-8 tablespoons of cream, bring to a simmer, add 4 tablespoons of sweet butter.

When butter is completely melted, add 8 tablespoons of freshly grated Parmesan.

Gently melt all the cheese while stirring frequently till sauce is thick and smooth. When a spoon is dragged across the sauce and stays parted for a few seconds, it's done.

Toss in the pasta, peas, and three handfuls of small, cooked shrimp (if frozen, first thaw and then squeeze out the liquid which can be reserved for fish/seafood chowders).

Stirring often, simmer for a minute or two . . .

. . . until everything is slicked with a scrumptious glaze and most of the liquid is gone. Salt to taste.

Cocooning, baby! That's the word the French use to denote setting up your personal environment in such a way that you feel cozy, protected from a fast-moving, demanding world. Afterwards, it would not be remiss, if you snuggle under a courtepointe douce (soft small quilt), propped up with a cushion here, a cushion there (especially for the feet), and read a book. Ah,  les petits bonheurs (the little things of happiness)!

À la prochaine!

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