Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Looking For Me? I'll Be Under the Tomatoes...

Not much of a post this week. Blame the tomatoes!  Tons of them. All very lovely and tasty of course, but processing them when they are at the height of ripeness means that is all I am doing at the moment.

Clockwise from the top left: Burpee Delicious, Joie de la Table, Altaisky, "Liguria" & Petite Coeur de Boeuf

During the morning, daily harvesting usually starts with just a few toms collected on the way back from filling the bird baths.

Onions and garlic are curing under the pergola, behind them are asparagus & roses

Returning to the tomato beds, I do the real haul.

Processing involves making tomato sausage sauce, soup concentrate, and stewed tomatoes which are then frozen. Raw tomatoes, among other uses, are good for stuffing and topping macaroni and cheese which is then briefly broiled.

The golden acorn squash is, well, golden.

Delice de la Table, a variety of cantaloupe, probably will start turning yellow in a few weeks.

Dirac the Young Cat loves gazing through the potting room's window...

...almost as much as he loves snuggling within the folds of the ancient, faded, quilted jacket of The Calm One.

Yes, that is a scratch on his adorable nose. He gets a fresh one practically every week

À la prochaine!


Creamy tomato soup with Edam and rice

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