Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Tomato is a Tomato is a Tomato...

Our tomato harvest continues unabated.

This lovely specimen of the tomato kingdom is stuffed with shrimp & encircled with couscous

A simple way to appreciate their freshness and superb flavour is to scoop out carefully and then chop the flesh. Drain (freeze the juice for soups) and mix it with some shrimp/chicken/tuna, mayonnaise, and seasonings. Fill the hollowed-out toms with the mixture, packing down firmly each spoonful as you go. Finish off with a mounding flourish.

Another go-to grain of mine is barley.

Barley & tomatoes tossed with an olive oil/apple cider vinegar/marjoram/garlic dressing and grated Emmental

'Liguria' is just gorgeous and also versatile as it can be used as a slicer and for sauces. Despite being a late-season variety, some are beginning to ripen.

Though I love all tomatoes, well except tasteless ones, at present this brawny variety is my latest 'squeeze'.

Cradling these hefty tomatoes in my hand before putting them in the harvest basket is a pleasure.

"Liguria" on its side

Our fig tree is loaded with immature fruit. The autumnal yield should be an abundant one unless the starlings decide they don't want me to make jam and cake.

Our neighbour's dwarf sunflowers are peeking over the fence.

One recent dusk found The Calm One and me standing in front of a window just in time to glimpse many hot air balloons floating above the potager. The occasional flashing of their propane burners resembled twinkling stars.

A silent flotilla

À la prochaine!


A rose is a rose is a rose

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