Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Asparagus in Minestrone? Yes!

Robust minestrone, thick with pureed white beans, tomato paste, hearty veggies, chunks of succulent beef, macaroni, gutsy garlic, copious olive oil, and zesty herbs, surprisingly took on the addition of delicate asparagus with gracious acceptance: all other ingredients were the supporting cast for the early-spring potager's star performer.

A week or two remains before the asparagus harvest ends

After polishing off a couple of bowls for lunch, this gardener was ready for an afternoon of work.

For the greens ingredient, I used sorrel from our potager

Rhubarb harvesting has begun. The three plants easily overextend their beds so those stalks got picked first as to make the strimming of nearby paths possible without ravaging the huge leaves.

The poisonous (if eaten) leaves got put on the compost pile

The peas are now sprouting shoots.

One short row of twenty in the bed

Calla lilies are opening their satiny blooms.

Our husky bay leaf shrub started out as a puny volunteer-seedling about six years ago.  This is the first season that it showed its beguiling, raggedy, pom-pom flowers.

The irises are rippling their blooms right down their long border.

Why is Dirac the Young Cat so serious?

Ensuring that the bird baths are filled with clean water is a demanding task . . .

Since a kitten, he often sits for several minutes with a front paw raised. Too cute!

. . . so demanding that it is fitting that he got some of the whipped cream before it became one with the soothing hot cocoa I imbibe as soon as the gardening day is done.

À la prochaine!

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