Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Don't Spare the Asparagus!

The asparagus bed is offering a daily harvest to the delight of my stomach. Luscious spears are added to whatever we are eating. The Calm One made a big batch of his special macaroni and cheese. Special? It has three kinds of pasta and three kinds of cheese! Not to mention saucisses de Strasbourg and a generous splash of cream. No recipe, I am afraid, as he follows none. It starts with a roux, that I know, and is done on the stovetop.

Penne, corkscrews & pipes; cheddar, emmental gruyère

Asparagus bob happily in creamy herb, potato, and sausage soup.*

In a couple of weeks, tomato and sweet red pepper plants sowed mid-March will be ready to go into the ground.

Four varieties of tomatoes!

Lilacs have delayed their flowering this season which I suspect was because they did not get enough chilling as our winter was very mild.

That pink cloud is a neighbour's gorgeous ornamental cherry tree.

Bright emerald green of grass and foliage makes a sublime setting for the amethyst of irises and the citrine of calla lilies.

Queen Elizabeth shrub rose & strawberry, leek, carrot, beet, and asparagus beds

Calla lilies have a dignified flair.

Bearded irises at the head of their long border get the most sunlight and therefore are the first to bloom.

A blueberry bush planted in a large pot filled with the necessary acid soil for it to thrive is putting out delicate flower-bells.

The sun, low in the horizon, lights up an edged-with-red, deep-yellow tulip.

Whoever painted the edges got a bit careless with the brush!

À la prochaine!


*Recipe for creamy herb and sausage soup (some photos have been corrupted in this old post but text remains correct)


A new high quality, early season variety of asparagus
Cooking, cooling, then reheating pasta and potatoes have health benefits

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