Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Linguine with Olive Oil, Green Onions, Fresh Dill & Tuna...and cherries galore

Thank goodness for canned tuna! Both The Calm One and I have been fighting nasty colds. Our valiant battle has put us in a state of suspended animation though still capable of being hungry. That's when the shiny, little tin of tasty fish, gleaming its presence from a cupboard which is looking less stocked as time goes on and the crumpled Kleenex pile up, said in that influential tone tuna is known to have, choose ME to put in your pasta! 

This past February, I planted onion sets close together, one or two inches apart, so I could harvest scallions (green/spring onions) starting around April which I have being doing with a marked air of delight. Pulling them this young not only gives us some greens but also allows the others to mature into fat onions. Happily a few dill seedlings volunteered from last year's planting, so some of their tiny, feathery fronds were also picked. While the linguine is cooking, lightly saute chopped scallions and fresh dill in some olive oil for a minute.

Add the drained tuna and some of the pasta cooking water. Break up the fish with a wooden spoon. Simmer for a minute or two, while stirring here and there.

Toss in the slightly underdone pasta, letting it finish cooking while the sauce thickens, about a minute or two.

Serve immediately and season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Nourishing and tasty fare for sure, but also its fresh greenness cheered this mostly house-bound gardener, reminding me of the bounty waiting outdoors.

Le ceresier chez Monsieur and Madame M is gloriously burdened with so much fruit that generous donations of its plenty have been made to nearby households, including chez nous.

Make a wish for a vie en rose!

Our capacious yellowware batter bowl was perfect to accommodate the juicy, sweet abundance.

In addition, The Calm One and I were recently invited to have our way with this laden-down tree.

Left side of bowl!

On the allotted day, The Calm One ventured forth on his own as I was still cloué au lit (nailed to the bed). So far what he has picked we are enjoying just as is, but who knows, a claufoutis may be in our future.

Right side of bowl!

My cold being the tenacious kind that occurs in the spring has allowed me the energy to get just the peppers transplanted. The melons, cucumbers, winter squash, among the remaining re-potted seedlings, are suffering the most despite being in larger containers. I apologise each time I hobble onto the patio, saying in a soothing voice, my little ones, you will soon spread your roots.

The garden about a week ago when it still had a full-time gardener!

À la prochaine!