Wednesday, January 20, 2016

3-Ingredient Microwave Molten Mud Cake in a Mug

Hearing about mug cakes for some time now, I was skeptical. OK, beyond skeptical. A paucity of ingredients mixed in the same mug in which you will eat it and then 'baked' in the microwave for a minute irritated my inner cookery snob so much that I wouldn't make one. Then the other day, when my expectation for a slice of Galette des Rois was dashed as The Calm One was unable to bring home some since he and his colleagues understandably ate it all, I thought, oh, a mug cake must be more than doable. Sans microwave, I steamed it on the stove for about ten minutes. The warm, gooey mound of chocolatey goodness was pure eating pleasure, especially with cream spooned over it.

Oh my! And so easy.

makes one serving

  • Egg, 1
  • Sugar, powdered, 4T
  • Cocoa, 2 T

If steaming instead of microwaving, fill a lidded saucepan spacious enough to accommodate the chosen crockery with about 2.5 cm/1 inch of water, and set on the boil. Put all three ingredients in a mug, large cup, or in my case, a café au lait  bowl.

Our smallest wire whisk easily fit into the bowl

Whisk about a minute until mixture is satiny smooth.

Position the cup either in the boiling water, then cover, and steam for about ten minutes or put it in the microwave for one minute. When done, the cake will be mounded a bit, the top surface set, and when gently smacked with the back of a teaspoon, it will slightly quiver. 

I used a pot holder to remove the hot bowl

The gooiest part is the centre. 

Replete with its own hot chocolate sauce

The edges are more firm but still very moist.

What we have here is a variety of textures along with a fabulous depth of flavour.

As the spoon approached the last morsel, my sadness increased and then vanished when I realised that I easily could make another...

Only one bowl to wash!

The logistics of living with a dairy-loving cat:  I had left the mug cake on the table before I poured the cream on it so I could put an enthralling GIF on my office computer screen to take Dirac the Young Cat's mind off anything to do with cream. Ensuring that he was in a state of rapture, I rushed back into the kitchen and had a bit of my own.

À la prochaine!

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