Thursday, January 19, 2017

Flu, Not Flew . . . and the budding relationship between Dirac the Cat & Eli the Kitten

My customary zipping about while doing several things at once comes close to flying. But not when the flu visits. While The Calm One keeps going even if he shouldn't, I am not given that choice because my limbs have changed to lead. However, my mind ignores the physical heaviness and keeps churning away, planning way more things than I can do in my flu-ridden state, for example, writing about how I made Rhubarb Fool with a cream-based custard sauce for our holiday dinner this past December. Those instructions will have to wait until next week's post. We hope you don't have the flu, and if you do, that you get well soon.

Let's instead glory in the unfolding of the relationship between the confident, bordering-on-smug, nativist feline, Dirac the Cat and the scrappy newcomer, Eli the Kitten. Eli, upon entering his new domain, has retained white, ankle boots on three paws along with the thigh-high one on the front, right leg.

He quickly located various sources of heat including stretching out on my laptop. He has trained me to close it when leaving my office because if I don't, I could come back to a computer which verbally describes my click-by-click activity. It took The Calm One some time to figure out how to get it back to a non-crazy-making interface.

Eli adores watching videos of birds and fish. However his favourite which he highly recommends is a mouse hunt game created for cats.

But those vids can't beat the real thing which is a paws-on play session with Dirac which starts innocently enough with Dirac up high on the wall unit and Eli on the coffee table directly below.

It progresses when Dirac notices Eli has jumped off the table onto the floor. Such action is countered by Dirac stepping down to the first shelf below.

By that time, Eli is waiting for him, with just one shelf separating them.

They bat paws for about ten minutes. The endgame happens when Dirac jumps onto the floor and meows to be let out leaving Eli who is still confined indoors, without a partner. Eli then searches out my computer . . .

À la prochaine!


Rhubarb fool made with custard and cream

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