Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Cool Banana: Nog, Smoothie & Agua Fresca

See those almost too-ripe-to-eat, brown-spotted bananas in your fruit bowl? Pop them in the fridge so they can get very cold. With a stick mixer and additions of different proportions of milk, crème fraîche, and water, three different summer beverages are yours for the taking. Ice cubes and a dusting of cinnamon come in handy too.

Let's commence with the one with the thickest consistency which is the banana-nog. For two small servings, and this could be presented for dessert, break off chunks of one medium, peeled, exceedingly almost embarrassingly ripe (remove any fibrous strings) banana that is well-chilled into the stick mixer's cylindrical jar.

Cover half-way with cold milk and add a large dollop of crème fraîche  (sour cream could be substituted).

Blend until smooth. Our 750 watt jobbie did it in about twenty seconds.

I deliberately included a few chunks that was discoloured to give it a slight fermented edge to simulate alcohol so the nog looked more on the amber side then the yellow. Just imagine that's really added whiskey that was aged in ex-sherry casks. The banana seeds look like nutmeg! A little mound of crème fraîche could be put on top.

For two  medium-sized glasses of smoothies, add enough cold milk just to cover the banana chunks. Blend till velvety.

 Top with banana slices and cinnamon.

To make two largish glasses of aqua fresca, cover the banana chunks with an inch (2.5 cm) of milk and then add another inch (2.5 cm) of  water. Get those ice cubes clinking by adding quite a few.

Tumbling the ice cubes into the glasses causes a creamy head to form which is delightful.

Though sugar, honey, or maple syrup could be added, they were all fine without added sweetening. Remember, the bananas are RIPE, much more than bananas that are eaten out of hand. I love all three, but the agua fresca is my fave.

À la prochaine!

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