Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Forced Pink Rhubarb Experiment Results . . . and the last of the pea shoots

A month ago we covered up one of the three rhubarb plants with a heavy ceramic pot to provide the necessary darkness for forcing. Once uncovered, the rhubarb was indeed pink, but also white, with very small, pale leaves.

The green bits were duly blanched

That plant needs to recover and therefore will not be subject to forcing next spring. Its leaves are getting bigger and greener.

The large leaf in the upper right corner belongs to one of the unforced plants

The stalks were sliced, sugared, roasted, pureed, and frozen. The exquisite colour along with a more delicate texture will lend itself to many delicious offerings, especially to the fresh mint whipped cream rhubarb fool that I will eventually make.

Looks like juicy pink grapefruit chunks!

The large pot planted with peas gave its last harvest a few days ago.

The shoots were washed, chopped, and sauteed with some minced garlic in olive oil till tender which took a few minutes. Some leftover cous cous was stirred-in and then heaped so two wells could be made to accommodate eggs. The pan was covered and the heat turned on high for a few seconds then turned off. The pan sat for about five minutes.

Voilà! One very easy and delicious meal.

Getting close up to lilacs reveals a world of intoxicating fragrance . . .

. . . and  subtle colour.

The calla lily 'thicket' is flourishing.

Dirac the Young Cat who is approaching two years of age loves spring and vases full of flowers, especially 'bridal wreath' spirea.

À la prochaine!

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