Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fresh Mint Whipped Cream Experiment . . . and preserving rhubarb

When recently packing up a container of forced pink rhubarb for the freezer, I imagined how its delicate texture and lovely shade of pink could be made even more appealing if it was folded into pale-green, fresh mint whipped cream.

A large handful of freshly harvested Moroccan mint was rinsed, chopped, and allowed to steep in 150 ml of warm cream for about ten minutes. The covered pot was left in the fridge overnight. The next day, the contents were sieved and whipped with some sugar.

However, the fabled pale green I was anticipating did not materialise. Instead, the result was the palest olive-green I have ever seen.

Scrapping the idea of a pink and green rhubarb fool, I instead topped my hot cocoa with it. What a wonderful combo mint whipped cream and cocoa is!

About thirty rhubarb stalks were plucked from the two non-forced bushes.

The rhubarb was sliced, mixed with sugar, and placed in the oven.

Once cooled, the rhubarb was spooned into containers and frozen. We see two large rhubarb crumbles in our future. All that is needed is to make the topping the night before, and put it along with a defrosting container of rhubarb in the fridge. The next day, it can be assembled and baked.

The pink & green may not have been achieved for a rhubarb fool, but did so when preserving the rhubarb!

The small surplus remaining from the filling of two litre containers was quickly scoffed on the spot by yours truly.

Early-season potatoes planted several weeks ago are coming up in that lusty way which is their signature. The bed was covered with horticultural fleece at night just a few times to protect them from the cold.

They should be ready for harvesting around mid-June

À la prochaine!

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